March 30, 2007

FotoFuser Friday!

We've mentioned before, haven't we, that FotoFusers are our favorites? We'd like to introduce our 2nd exclusive FF day of the week! FotoFuser Friday! {insert loud cheering here}

FotoFusion Template F0001

{link has expired - watch for this template in our store}
This contains layouts in these sizes: 12x12, 10x8 and 8.5x11

Katy's Layout

Be sure to email us at or post a comment here with a link to your layouts after you post them! Each week we'll be picking 2 layouts at random to receive a gift certificate to our store when it opens. You can't win if you don't post a link!!

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Hugs & Kisses,
Sonya & Katy

March 29, 2007

Template Thursday!

It's Template Thursday! And we have something for EVERYONE!!!

Be sure to email us at or post a comment here with a link to your layouts after you post them! Each week we'll be picking 2 layouts at random to receive a gift certificate to our store when it opens. You can't win if you don't post a link!! This weeks winners are:

Sarah96 and Suzy!!

Ladies, please be sure to email us so that we will have
a record of your email addresses when the store opens!

And on with the templates!

{links have expired - watch for this template in our store}

These links will only be active until Sunday, so get them while you can!
Links are fixed, Thanks Aly!

Have a wonderful Thursday! Happy Scrapping!

Hugs & Kisses
Sonya & Katy

March 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Katy!!

Have a wonderful day!

March 27, 2007

Tuesday Quickie!

The main reason we began this adventure was to provide templates for all the FotoFusers that have had to sit on the sidelines while templates have been provided in every other format possible around the digi-world! So while we LOVE everybody, FotoFusers are our favorites. Each week we will provide two special days of templates ONLY for FotoFusers!! Today is one of those days.

Folded Corners in FotoFusion!!
Sample was created with Marcie Reckinger's Kindness Kit

I mean, comeon! How cool is that? This is a Tuesday Quickie, so the entire layout isn't provided for you, just the corner fold. But of course you can quickly create your own layout around it. The template sizes included in the zip are 12x12, 10x8 and 8.5x11. We can't wait to see what you do with this! Get scrappin'!

{link has expired}

Everybody else...stay tuned. Template Thursday is just around the corner and we will have something for EVERYONE! Thank you, everyone, for sticking with us as we iron out the kinks in our template production. We have finally finished our research and figured out what file formats work best for everyone. So from now on our templates will be provided in FF format, PSD and PNG+. We have three sizes, 12x12, 10x8 and 8.5x11. We realize now, TIFF files don't work for everyone as we believed they did. So for today only, here are the PSD files again of that template for those that couldn't use the TIFFs

{link has expired}

Be sure to post your links here in the comments or by emailing us at - Each week two layouts will be chosen at random to receive a gift certificate at our new store. You have until Thursday to post your layouts with the T0001 template, the Greeting Card & Tag templates from Sunday and this folded corner to qualify! Then we'll begin a new week!

Keep the comments and critiques coming! We're learning so much from you and appreciate all of your comments.

Hugs & Kisses
Sonya & Katy

March 25, 2007

Issues with layered Tiffs

It's come to my attention that the tiffs that are supposed to be layered aren't working correctly. I'm trying to fix them now and will have new links up for them momentarily.

Thank you for your patience and your feedback! It is invaluable to us!

The Sunday Smooch!

On Sundays we're going to offer a print project or an idea for an altered project. Greeting Cards, Gift Tags, Framable Projects and Easy Altered Projects. The Sunday Smooch! And in true Kissed Studio fashion we'll have some handy-dandy templates to get you started! Today we have a cute little Greeting Card and Gift Tag set for you.

These projects are 'one size fits all' but they come in EVERY format you could imagine! You spoke up and we listened! We are now offering - for your scrapping convenience - FotoFusion Templates, Layered PNG templates for DIP and Layered TIFF files for everybody else!

{link has expired}

{link has expired}

We hope you enjoy these! We can't wait to see what you do with them!

In response to the comments we've received on the first template, we have created an additional size and an additional format! We will now provide the templates in 12x12, 8.5x11 and 10x8! Each size will be available in FotoFusion format, layered Tiff and layered PNG. We have new download links for the T0001 template we posted on Friday.

{link has expired}

{link has expired}

{link has expired}
P.S. the file names on the 8.5x11 templates all say 8x11, but rest assured that's ONLY for naming purposes. The files are truly 8.5x11.

Happy Sunday everybody! We hope you have a great day. Be sure to post a comment with the links to your layouts, or email us at ! We look forward to hearing from you! Be sure to enter your email address in the box at the right to get notified when the site is updated! There's also a blinkie there for you if you'd like to host it with your images and sport it in your siggys or on your blog!

Hugs & Kisses
Sonya & Katy

March 24, 2007

Ask and you shall receive!

We want to be the Studio with the mostest! If you need it, we want to do our best to oblige. We've had requests for DIP compatible templates and 8.5x11 templates. I don't have a way to contact these ladies, so if you read this please email us at so we can get as many necessary details from you as possible. We want everyone to feel loved here! If you have any other ideas or requests from us, please email us there or post a comment. We read them all!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our weekly Sunday Smooches!! You're gonna love it!

Don't forget to post the link to your layout
so we can visit it and add the layout to our slideshow!

Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response we've received!!

Hugs & Kisses
Sonya & Katy

March 22, 2007

Never Been Kissed??

FotoFusion users, are you feeling like the single girl at the prom? It seems the digi-scrap world bows to PhotoShop users and we all get left in the cold! Nobody makes killer templates for us, right? Well that has CHANGED!!

Welcome to Kissed Studio! Our primary digi interest here is creating wonderful templates for the FotoFusers!! Over the next few weeks we will present a new Template Freebie each week that you can download. This will culminate with the opening of our own store full of FotoFusion templates!

Just so the PhotoShop users of the world don't feel left out, we'll have the same templates for you too, in PSD format. DIP users, still left out in the cold? We love everybody! If there's a significant interest in DIP templates, BE HEARD!!! We'll make up some smoochies for you too!

Without further ado, let's get to the smoochies! Each template is available in 12x12 and 10x8 in both FotoFusion format and PSDs. PLEASE only download the size/format that you will use so we can gauge what is needed.

Smooch #1 for the Squares
{see links above in The Sunday Smooch post}

Smooch #1 for the NON-Squares!

{see links above in The Sunday Smooch post}

If the link you need expires, let us know and we'll upload it again. Please leave us a comment and let us know if there's anything specific you need! Enter your email address in the box to the right to be notified when new smoochies are available!

When you post a layout using a template, be sure to leave us a comment with the link to your layout so we can give it some lovin'! ALSO we'll pick 2 layouts a week at random to win a gift certificate to the store when it opens! Get scrappin'!

Hugs & Kisses
Sonya & Katy